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I typically book my sessions 6-8 weeks ahead. If you are thinking you would like to have photos taken of you and your baby. It is best to contact me soon, to find out my availability before baby arrives. If you recently had your little one, I do take last minute sessions if I can fit you in.  In order to offer you the best custom experience I only offer a limited amount of newborn sessions per month, so  it is best to contact me before your due date. Newborn sessions are only scheduled in my natural light home studio.



Simply Natural Imagery♥ Yes, that is my style and newborns are my favorite subject to photograph!  I like to capture newborns and babies as they are, there is beauty in simplicity! I try “not” to pose baby but rather capture them as they would be curled up in the womb or sleeping peaceful on a blanket. I tend to stay away from “trendy” stuff such as over sized bright colored headbands, tutus, sports balls and themed holiday outfits or costume type clothing and hats. They are distracting in the photos and take away from the pure serenity of the newborn baby and what I hope to capture.  As an artist I stick with a natural organic style with my sessions using soft earthy tones, grey, creams, tans, and pale pastel colors. I keep all my sessions simple and use simple organic props and blankets. Styles and trends are always changing. I want to give you portraits to display that are timeless, so please advise that I do stick to my natural style of shooting! I want to capture your newborn and your session in a natural beautiful way, with simplicity and grace! If my style is something you embrace and would like me to capture your blessing, please contact me soon at

*Sessions do include  a couple parent shots and/or sibling shots, but because of the time needed for the care and attention(diaper changes, feeding and soothing) to getting those sleepy baby poses, the session will mostly focus on the newborn. Only the subject(s) of the session and their parent(s) and/or guardian should be present at the session, unless other arrangements have been approved. This is for your benefit as the more people who are not being photographed often create more distraction for those being photographed.


The best time to schedule a newborn session is before you have your baby. We can book a tentative date around your due date. Once baby arrives then within the first 12 days is the best time to photograph them. That way they are at their sleepiest and I can get some of their natural poses and curls that simulate when baby was in the womb.

After 14 days old they are more likely to have longer periods of awake time and require more time getting baby to sleep and baby ache could start to appear.  Newborn sessions require lots of patience and time. I encourage plenty of nursing and feeding time in my home studio. Newborn and baby sessions(under 12 months old) are usually done in my home studio, where I have unlimited access to natural light, my props, blankets, headbands & bonnets. Expect about 3 hours for the session, but can become longer, depending on the baby. So it is best if there aren’t any other plans/doctors appointments made the day of the shoot.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I want your session to be very relaxed and a great experience!